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They say change is good...

... and by they I mean EVERYONE has told me this, over and over, so... I am gradually grouping my designs over at CafePress to make them easier for people to find and peruse... so, to that end, in addition to surfing the pages here, surf on over to my new ReadMyChest store at CafePress and see how things are coming along.

Veterans of Interplanetary Wars

Taking off on the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars emblem here in the US) we've added a Veterans of Interplanetary Wars line of products

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If the 3rd time's
a charm, why are
guys after one-night

Cuz they're looking
for the spice of life
... variety?

A & MK 2024
A & MK 2024
Twins Rule

Bush Bush 2020
I wanna live in a
black and white world

I am... ergo I say 
stupid things

E-Ticket Required
Look Up Boys!
Wanted: Future X
Why can't we all
just get along?

Truly Dysfunctional 
Team ... me, myself
and I

Me, Myself & I, all
present and accounted
for, who were you
hoping would answer?

Didn't Vote? 
Don't Bitch!

All the German I 
need to know...

Just because a thought...
Until you walk a mile...
Woohoo? 4 more years
Seeing Red 
Makes Me Blue

Read My Chest .com
Logo Gear

I'm a Survivor... 

Just ask my family

Just Ask My 
Divorce Lawyer

Just Ask My Man

Just Ask My Wife

Looking for something 
I can be proud to be

Which Way 
to RealityLand?

'Tis better to 
have loved and lost

Support our troops
they're yours too

Dear Santa...
Crazy and proud of it
Republic Prosperity
Bah Humbug!

Victim of 
Republican Prosperity

Republican Prosperity
who needs it?

When in doubt 
just scream no

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