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New Designs featuring the score from Jan 4, 2006.

Got Vince? Got Vince? Longhorns are
Longhorns are
USC is about to learn
what it feels like to
get hit by Mack's Team
Beware of Mack's Team!
(Pasadena or Bust)

Burnt Orange Rose

Burnt Orange Rose

Everything's Coming
Up Roses

In Vince We Trust

The Orange Rose of TX

Got Vince? (Sunset)

Pasadena Here I Come War of the Roses Burnt Orange Rose of TX

Made in Texas (b/w) Made in Texas (color) I Heart Austin
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"2006 Bowl Party" the prices will be the same as on above designs.)

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If the 3rd time's
a charm, why are
guys after 
Cuz they're 
looking for the 
spice of life
... variety?
I am... ergo I say 
stupid things
Look Up Boys!
Team ... me, 
myself and I
Me, Myself 
& I, all
present and 
for, who were 
you hoping 
would answer?
Didn't Vote? 
Don't Bitch!
All the German I 
need to know...
Just because 
a thought...
Read My 
Chest .com
Logo Gear

I'm a Survivor... 

Just ask my family

Just Ask My 
Divorce Lawyer

Just Ask My Man

Just Ask My Wife


'Tis better to 
have loved and lost
Support our troops
they're yours too
Dear Santa...
and proud of it
When in doubt 
just scream no


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